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bridge, the moment it received a warning just moments before impact. it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now. >> i am brian flores. >> and i am pam cook, thank you for waking up with us, let's start with the weather. changes, changes are brewing, no doubt about it, unless you are stuck in that fog, temperatures will come down, highs ins 60s and 50s, here is sal. we had some road work on the dumbarton, but the traffic is very light westbound, all the lanes have been reopened and looking at 880 and 101 and
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traffic looks good, see a little road work approaching 9th. let's go back to the desk. we are following developing news. they both happened on 25th and connecticut streets just 90 minutes within each other. paul chambers is live at the scene, paul, what do you know this morning? >> reporter: i will tell there are two separate incidents, a stabbing and shooting and we will take a look at some video. police came out here after a shooting and they say that person was possibly shot in the foot. after a person left the scene a person called 911 saying there was a stabbing. that person had three stab wounds and they are in stable condition and they do not believe either crime is committed and they were both
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taken to the hospital in non- life threatening condition. they are trying to talk to witnesses and we are definitely trying to stay on top of this and there was a shooting about two hours later, police responded to a stabbing, both people are in non-life threatening and both people were taken to area hospitals and once again people do not think there was a connection to either crime. they have opened the museum swiping valuable pieces of california history. they will track down however is responsible. good morning claudine. you can see gates are in place and we are still closed this morning and the dates did
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not stop thieves from breaking in. they are all expected to be here to talk about the theft and to offer a reward to try to get the stolen items back. for the second time in two months they got away with a gold box with gold ornamentation depicting california. it was worth more than $800,000. we know the museum was closed and it happened to the men while making their ways through the galleries. that is at least one similarity to the same museum and that one happened at 11:30 at night and in berkeley, they broke through a door and went through when
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the thieves were bond and none of those items have been returned. these ninja are dressed in pick acts and -- axes and the four men are facing charges for this crime. this area has 24 hour security and until these two recent heists, they had never been burglarized before. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the crew of a huge oil tanker was warned and it is still not clear if the pilot of
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the overseas vessel is responsible. >> the government has now joined the coast guard. he arrived in the bay area and he will be taking a close like at the fire in san jose this morning. it is a large fire that detried several fires and a boat. -- the fire destroyed a corvette along with two other cars inside the garage an initial reports are a potential meth lab turned out to be untrue. a protest was sparked last night. they marked with their parents to the board of he had. they want to move gateway
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middle school to a new building on the second compass and they would accommodate more than 600 students. >> one thing i love is that i am able to greet every student by name and most of them by names as well. if more students were to come to our community it would lose that sense of family. >> i want to make sure they understand and try to problem solve to make that situation as positive as possible. >> they wanted to offer the site to the gateway middle school. >> vice-president joseph biden is meeting at the white house this morning to get their suggests on -- suggestions on possible gun control laws. president barack obama put vice- president joseph biden in charge with proposals and the national rifles association
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will be getting together with other gun owner groups. they will not take part and wal-mart was invited to attend tomorrow. wal-mart will not be there due to a schedule willing project. and mike thompson is holding a prevention foreman and they are taking the task force and they are there to hear ideas about what to it be done. that will be held at vallejo city hall from 7:00 to 8:30. the last witness will take the stand about the colorado movie rampage. coming up, what a detective is saying about the dedecoratives -- detectives strange behavior after the arrest. he was arrested outside his
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home. williams appeared for reckless driving. according to police williams is supposed to appear in court on a misdemeanor battery charge. judgment has arrived for barry bonds. the home run king has been selected for the hall of fame. some 600 baseball riders will go and many have gone to a case tied to steer road scandal. every giant is looking to be on the first ballot. >> he should wait his turn and when it's right they will let him in. >> you would have had the stats even if he didn't do that. >> he was on the ballot for the first time along with sammy sosa and they all may not make
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it due to their alleged steroid use. >> mixed reactions there. let's go to traffic, sal, anything going on there? >> traffic is moving along well on 880 and of course that is where all the commute starts and nice road work to the mcarthur maze. and still work being done on the dumbarton and work is being done headed towards the east bay and it looks good headed to san francisco. if you are driving in san jose this morning we have a nice looking drive and nots much -- not as much fog. we will talk about the fog with steve right now, 4:38. >> there will still be some, there was pockets of it. it was really thick for a while, some areas struggled to
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get out, other areas and clouds were increasing and this is the leading edge of the big change in our pattern. temperatures have come up but we are ready to go down and in fact if we get to tomorrow morning, there is no doubt. ridge of high pressure is going down and temperatures will begin to drop off. they will cool down a good 5 to 8 degrees and there could be a few splash and dash showers. it will be cooler tonight and yesterday we topped out on the temperatures and we were on our way down in the temperatures not much in the way tonight but i expect to pick up 50s on the temperatures and get ready for the cold. there could be a few, not really so much over us, i mean
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there is already a freeze warning for friday. the weekend looks good but they are very, very cool. >> 4:39 more disappointment for an openly disappointed teen who was denied his quest to become an eagle scout. and they are going through another training exercise to prevent another school massacre. we have a little bit of framework and we will tell you about this in the rev the of your commute.
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. good morning, increasing clouds out there, and turning much colder tonight and tomorrow. well it's cold now but 2012 was the hottest year in the united states. the average temperature was
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just a little above 55 degrees and that is a full degree warmer than 1998. warmer temperatures blame global warming from the national change. they do help firefighters as they try to help battle a series of firefighters. about 30 are still not contained. firefighters are racing to put the fires out before they climb black up again and they destroyed or damaged 100 homes. 0 more people have been unaccounted for. same sex marriages, more people will be able to get marriage and the church is the first to allow same sex weddings. it is the next step towards marriage equality. the cathedral is often used for
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presidential funerals or to celebrate new presidents. boy scouts once again denied the life-long dream of a local boy scout. they denied him because he is gay and he was given a second chance but the boy stated, he does not agree to scouting's principles of duty to god and his father said, that is not the case. >> it is important to him that nobody else should have to go through this. ryan should not even have to be going through this, this is just ridiculous. >> his son has never denied his lutheran faith. he believes they are once again trying to keep him from achieving the highest award in boy scouts. they are scheduled to take place and a detective is scheduled to testify about the
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shooter's strange behavior after the colorado shooting rampage. >> we believe somebody is shooting in the auditorium. >> a detective is expected to say he wore pup puts on his hands and tried to jam a stable into an outlet and his pupils were dilated. staff members for more than 2 dozen colleges and schools took part in a simulated shooter but the shootings at the colorado school gave it new urgency. >> your heart starts sweating and pushing the door closed and you can feel it. >> all freshman will be
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required to attend a training on how to survive a campus shooting. now the pentagon believes some u.s. troops need to stay to keep an eye on al qaeda. president barack obama meets with ahmed wali karzai at the white house on friday. the venezuela lend -- venezuela president hugo chavez is recovering from surgery. he was scheduled to be sworn in but venezuela president hugo chavez will have to be sworn in at a later date as he recovers following cancer surgery. this violates venezuela's constitution. they are looking to join or block a lawsuit. they received $122 billion bailout and now former aig executives is suing the government saying the bailout
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deal was unfamiliar to share holders. some compare it to being a day of and being sued for saving the life of a patient. it is the second incident with a boeing 747 in two days. that is after it leaked fuel and they will not look into the leak calling a maintenance issue not an accident but they are looking into a fire that happened the day before. let's they can in with sal, are you keeping an eye out, and of the lanes you can see golden gate is helping out with that and if you are driving on the bridge any time soon you should slow down because a lot of chp
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officers are helping out here. coming into san francisco. if you are driving on the peninsular, it looks good. dumbarton looks good and still some eastbound lanes are closed for road work. not a lot ever cloud cover, and it is a big change in the way had cold air. i think mainly just turning cloudy and also cooler on the afternoon highs. but they are much colder than system slides in and it will be much colder if there is any available moisture. the snow level will be 1,500 feet and also windy, i think all the way to the weekend. 30s and 40s and there is some patchy fog and we will not see as much as we did yesterday. the system is on its way and we
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have some increasing clouds and it will start to see in and by tomorrow he you will notice it. there could be some temperatures dropping today and they will really drop off today and tomorrow. there is already a freeze warning advisory late thursday into friday, 50s on the temperatures car 8 windy and again if there are any others off the coast, cold friday morning and into the weekend. a complication at a bay area apartment complex and it involved a tenant and police officers tried to break into his home. how soft drinks can change your mood, it is all straight
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ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. stay with us. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ]
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♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. at&t. . welcome back. time now 4:52. police are investigating a deadly incident which happened on east leyland road. investigators say the violence began when a tenant looked
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through his peep hole and saw somebody trying to break into his home. he reached for a firearm and by the time he got to the front door, the suspect was in the house. >> he picked up a knife and fatally stabbed the intruder. the man killed was a 54-year- old pittsburgh man who had an extensive criminal record. it appears the tenant was acting in self-defense. neighbors in girl game is a -- burlingame is a house hazard. they say trash is piled to the windows and attracts rats and raccoons and feel it will detract property's values. it was after a plumbing problem which lasted several
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hours. a code dry alert was lifted and that means water could only be used for urgent major care. water service was restored at 7:00 last night. wildlife experts say feeding wild experts affect population levels. the city has an anti-feeding ordinance but it is rarely enforced. they are now looking into more simple ways to deal with this including city of fines. according to a new study, it can lead to depression. people who drink more than 30 cans of so the do a day are at risk for depression and people
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who drink diet drinks are more at risk and there is more still unknown about their health. they have just a proved a pilot program for widening sidewalks for eating areas. businesses will have to be approved to install those cafe platforms. sal, you are everywhere. right now we are looking at the freeway in san francisco and 101 in san francisco looks good, some of that road work near 9th street has been picked up and that means you can get through without delay. now heading out to the high- rise, it seems to be a little less fog today and that will be great for drivers and the
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traffic looks good over to 101. if you are driving, some of that roadway is looking good as well, hits go to steve. our fog made it really tough for a while. coast and bay not bad, sunny and almost in the warm category, but 30s and 40s to start off with. half-moon bay 46, the city is in 40 degrees and this will give us a big change in our pattern. in fact we come down and yesterday it was 57. and the warmest gilroy. there could be a few garden variety showers and not only
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thursday and friday, there are also anticipation with this system and weekends will be sunny but it will not be warm, especially 20s and 30s. east palo alto will prevent more flooding. they filled 4,000 sandbags yesterday. the newly flooded sandbags will reinforce the levee coming up in our 10:00 driver. they were two violent incidents at the same street corner just 90 minutes apart. >> and an incident happened 90 minutes apart, stay with us.
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